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Speciality Pork Pies 920g-1.1kg

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Here at Toppings, we offer a stunning range of speciality pork pies in a variety of six flavours.

Each pie combines our hand crafted luxurious hot water pastry, which creates the perfect crust texture to wrap gently the delightful flavours we combine within and delivers luxury and indulgence in a size suitable for a family treat or small gathering. We use only the freshest and finest in British Quality Assured pork as the base for our tempting array of flavours designed to tickle every taste bud and pallet.

What flavour to choose?

  • Our Apricot and Poultry speciality cutting pork pie looks as delightful as it tastes. This pie has a place in history, as it was one of the first recipes ever made by a member of the Topping family. A truly special pie with links as far back as Victorian times, it is still a favourite for a very good reason. We combine our prime pork with succulent chicken and turkey layers laced with apricot and sweet cranberry. We then top that perfectly with rich apricot stuffing and dress it stunningly with apricot halves.
  • We also offer a Game and Poultry speciality pork pie, a pie fit for royalty, offering a delicious hint of cranberry. Our Huntsman speciality pork pie, as an alternative, is a tasty blend with chicken and our own recipe sage and onion stuffing, you will not find this delight anywhere other than a Topping pie.
  • We are then delighted to share with you a winner of two gold awards, and you will understand why when you taste it! Our Scrumpy speciality cutting pork pie is a sheer delight, offering our quality pork, diced turkey with sweet cider and celery relish, this pie has a unique flavour, which is certainly deserving of its award winning status.
  • Not just for Yorkshire farmers, our Yorkshire farmer’s speciality cutting pork pie is so good we would be wrong not to share. We use our traditional quality pork, diced chicken breast and Wiltshire ham, with a carefully marinated flavour of honey mustard, this pie combines a sweet tang with a sharp edge from the glorious mustard.
  • Our range would not be complete without our final product of a traditional medium cutting pork pie, perfect when you want just the luxury of a gold great taste award winning pie!

If you are looking for true luxury then these pies are available all year round. Delivered to your door, you are then free to eat, share or freeze either whole or in portions, so you can always have luxurious tasty pies to hand.