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Gala Pork Pies

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We have two traditional gala pork pies in our range for you to enjoy.

The first is a Traditional Pork and Egg Gala Pie hand crafted by our specialist team of bakers and butchers! Whilst this is a traditional offering, we at Toppings pies add our own unique touch to make it truly special treat for your buffet or celebratory spread.

Our own traditional recipe Gala pork pie is made with our own unique blend of herbs to add a delicious hint of flavour which combines perfectly with our Quality Assured pork meat, fresh boiled eggs and just the perfect amount of delicious jelly to create a wonderful version of this classic dish. We use our own recipe rich hot water pastry to encase this delicious meaty filling.

For those who like a traditional Gala pork pie but would prefer no egg, we have just the choice for you too. We again combine perfectly our rich hot water pastry crust to encase our delicious pork meat, jelly and the same hint of herbs to create this classic Gala pie.

Perfect for buffets

Both our traditional Gala pork pie and our traditional Gala pork pie with egg provide a whopping 2.7kg of delicious eating. They slice to perfection, making them ideal for buffets, slicing to add to a packed lunch treat or for a nibble when you are a little peckish. We are delighted to say that these Traditional Gala pork pies have featured on the television and are the deserving winners of 2 stars in the Great Taste Awards.

Why stop there?

Toppings pies offer a tasty variety of quiches and steak and beef meat pies and chicken pies alongside this range of traditional Gala pies, which means you could benefit from a wide variety of treats delivered to your door. Create a tasty meal, a beautiful hand crafted addition to a buffet, or a centrepiece to any dinner with our range of perfectly created recipes.

Or, for a very special wedding, our bespoke wedding pies will be a delight for your taste buds, and could be a great talking point for your family and friends.

Our delivery service allows you to benefit from the delights of our range, packed carefully to ensure it arrives safely at your home, where you have the luxury to eat within the fresh timescales given on each product or to freeze for a later date. We recommend freezing for a maximum of three months to ensure optimum quality, but no need to panic as we offer year round delivery, so will be delighted to restock you when required!