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Round Wedding Pie

Round Wedding Pie

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Round Wedding Pie

Choose any 3 of our fantastic favorers to make up your Celebration Pork Pies

All of our Award Winning Pork Pies are individually hand crafted for your special day.


Maybe it’s a Wedding a Party or just to treat someone very special in your life.


It’s the culmination of rich flavours and only the very best British ingredients that makes Our Pies a centre piece for any occasion.


You can add a special messages, emblems or pastry flowers to your pie


But please let us know when you place your order? We would need your order no later than two weeks before the date it’s needed


All pies made are bespoke to your requirements so the weights given below are just a minimum guide.


You will receive Any Three Flavors of your choosing With The stand and basses

Please see allergy information for each product you wish to include seperately