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We simply could not resist creating vegan treats to tempt you. We are sure that these delightful meat free versions of classic sausage rolls will be a delightful treat for the vegans or vegetarians amongst us.

Meat-free flavours you’re sure to love

Our first offering is a traditional vegan sausage roll without meat to ensure vegans and vegetarians do not miss out. We have created this tasty meat free vegan sausage roll with care. Made from rich and tasty vegan puff pastry, and encasing our delightful combination of vegetarian ingredients, our vegan version of the classic sausage roll is sure to hit the spot, whether as a snack, meal or buffet addition.

Our hot and spicy meat free sausage roll is offered with the same tasty vegan puff pastry, this time encasing a wonderfully seasoned meat free sausage seasoned with a sweet chilli kick to give a delicious hot and spicy alternative to the traditional vegan sausage.

Apple and sage meat free sausage rolls are yet another incredibly tasty classic flavour combination that works well in our vegan gourmet sausage roll collection. We carefully combine dried apple, with our own secret combination of herbs and sage to make this tasty meat free version. All encased in our delicious light vegan puff pastry, you have to ask if two is enough!

Lastly we include two smoky meat free sausage rolls. We can’t tell you our secret, but we are with the subtle blend of seasonings through our combination of herbs and spices which help to create a smoky meat free sausage roll that will delight your tastebuds.

Why opt for vegan sausage rolls?

Whether you choose our vegan sausage rolls to eat for yourself or to share, you will find that they are large enough to put for your buffet, or enjoy as a really tasty treat, served hot or cold. They will certainly ensure that you are able to cater for your own vegan requirements or include your vegan guests with the same quality, taste and delicious choice of products as we offer to our customers who choose our meat products.

All of our vegan gourmet sausage rolls are suitable for eating hot or cold. You also have the option to freeze, as they can be defrosted and reheated for you to enjoy later - if they last long enough! Our vegan gourmet sausage roll collection contains 2 of each flavour.

Why not choose to add some vegan sausage rolls to your order – even if you’re not a meat-free eater, these gorgeous rolls may convince you that vegan food can taste just as good.