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2.2kg - 2.4kg Tray Pies & Lasagnes

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Looking for an easy yet delicious midweek meal? We are delighted to offer these larger tray baked classics ideal to feed a larger family or to enjoy with portions for your freezer for individuals or smaller families.

Beef and potato – the perfect combination

One of our most popular offerings is a 2.2kg hand-made corned beef and potato pie. Our own unique recipe combines corned beef with fresh potato, onion and Worcestershire sauce to create a hearty and tasty filling within this tray baked pie. Our hand-made pie is encased in a delightfully rich shortcrust pastry, to make this a rich, warm and deliciously tasty pie that will be hard to beat any day of the week.

A classic lasagne

Our love of best British beef also led us to create a handmade classic beef lasagne, which we are delighted to say tastes amazing – just ask our customers! Created at a whopping 2.4kg, this hand-made classic beef lasagne will ensure no one goes hungry. In a handy tray bake, it can be portioned and frozen or is ideal to serve with salads or warm vegetables for a hearty evening meal. Special enough for a celebration dinner, and yet versatile enough to suit an easy to prepare meal with garlic bread when you fancy a change from our pies, this lasagne is something you can enjoy at any time.

Our classic beef lasagne uses the finest British minced beef in our own secret combination of herb, onion, garlic and tomato sauce with tasty layers of our home made Bechamel sauce, classic Cheddar cheese and fresh lasagne sheets all layered by hand and combined to create a lasagne you will find hard to beat.

No meat? No problem!

We would hate to miss out the vegetable lovers amongst you and are delighted to offer a vegetarian version of this classic dish. The perfect combination of vegetables are used to create a vegetable lasagne that both looks and tastes amazing. We have kept our classic sauces, Cheddar cheese and fresh lasagne to bring you a luxurious tray baked classic dish.

Our pies and offer a filling tasty meal when combined with your choice of potatoes and vegetables. Our lasagnes are delicious, versatile to be served with garlic breads, salads, vegetables and even potatoes, to keep hunger at bay.

All of these dishes serve approximately 6 to 8 people, and if you can resist the urge to eat as soon as it arrives, they are great for freezing whole or in portions for another day.

No matter which one of our pies or lasagnes you’re considering, you’re sure to find them hearty, delicious and more-ish.