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Here at Toppings pies we are not ashamed to say that we cannot make cakes as well as we make pies!


We certainly know quality and great taste when we come across it!

The Original Cake Company offer some of what we believe to be the finest cakes that we would certainly be happy to serve at any party, celebration or get together. For the cake lovers amongst you or a great gift for a friend, these cakes are something special. We are delighted to be able to bring to you a wonderful selection of cakes; they can be delivered on their own or in combination with our pies and other great items.

What flavour to go for?

We proudly present two wonderful collections of cakes from The Original Cake Company.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, a Chocolate truffle 6 piece collection featuring amazing flavours of chocolate sponge cake. Each cake weighs 260-280g depending on flavour and will serve approximately six people.

Each chocolate truffle cake selection pack includes one sponge cake of each flavour, something to tempt all chocolate cake lovers! Cherry and white chocolate, chocolate and salted caramel, chocolate orange, Irish cream flavoured, caramel and honeycomb, and a raspberry and white chocolate cake.

We also offer Vanilla Classic 6 piece cake collection, made with the same love and care as their delicious chocolate cakes, this selection includes the delights of Strawberry and white chocolate, lemon and blueberry drizzle, coffee and walnut, cherry Bakewell, clementine and lemon and raspberry and prosecco.

Both 6 piece cake collection choices offer exceptionally great value for such high quality delicious cakes, fancy enough to serve to gets or for a sweet buffet treat but priced to make them a great afternoon tea treat or for a get together with loved ones.

Christmas is covered

That’s not all; don’t forget to check out these great seasonal Christmas offerings.

Our Christmas luxury chocolate collection will give you a fantastic Christmas Eve treat, a delicious after dinner Christmas day light bite or, if they last long enough a treat, for Boxing Day! Including a selection of nine mini chocolate truffles, baked with milk chocolate, ground almonds and butter topped festively with marzipan, chocolate icing and a Christmassy decoration, they will look great on your table.

If you fancy a fruitcake treat, this luxury mini Christmas fruit cake collection should tempt you! A selection of 9 dainty luxury fruit cakes showcasing the finest ingredients baked with traditional methods they are then hand decorated to make a Christmas treat or the perfect cake lover’s gift.

Whatever your guests are looking for, whether sweet or savoury, we’d be glad to deliver. Why not browse all that we have to offer and order a package to tempt every palate?