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We are delighted and piggin’ excited to bring to you an amazing range of pork crackling treats and delightful beers and ciders in a wonderful array of gift sets, for the piggy taste lover in your life.

The Snaffling Pig Co are delighted to bring to you gift sets of amazing piggy crackling in a wonderful array of flavours and whether you like it hot, salty or flavoured we have it snaffled away ready to deliver just for you. The gift sets are packed securely to make them ideal gifts to send or give to a friend if you feel like sharing the porky love. We can even combine with beer and cider to create the perfect gift set for the older piggies. Of course, whilst the piglets may snaffle the crackling, we cannot sell them alcohol!

To gift, or to treat yourself?

Our Snaffling Pig Co fantastic gift sets even offer one with a premium quality cider glass, perfect for your pint sized pork hero friend to drink their cider gift you have lovingly bought for them. Of course, while you are busy thinking of porky snacks and drinks for your friends and family, it can do no harm to treat yourself too.

We offer delivery worldwide, and with our combination of beer, cider and crackling snacks all created with the same love care and attention we give to all of our products you can be assured that they are of the finest quality and will bring piggin’ happiness to all lucky enough to receive them.

Flavourful, savoury and satisfying

Our pork crackling snacks come in wide variety of flavours from perfectly salted, low and slow BBQ, Marvellous Maple and a variety of hot ones to delight the bolder piggies. Our bundle gift sets have even been themed to help direct you to a snaffling delight that little bit quicker.

Whichever flavour of pork crackling gift set you decide, or whether you choose a gift set combined with beer or cider, many of our crackling flavours have been awarded GTA winning stars, showing again our commitment firstly to their piggin’ flavour, but also showing our true commitment to offer quality through our range of unique beer and crackling gift sets.

We will happily deliver to you and your friends to spend a Pig Night In along with any of our pies or bakes, or on their own! Our sets have a minimum shelf life of four months, so you can create a stockpile ready for any event or have a gift ready to go in case of an unexpected celebration.

As a great alternative to a box of chocolates, these taste-filled treats give the savoury snack lovers something to truly enjoy.